23th Mar 2012 - Why Rubber Yoga Mats are the Best Choice

23rd Mar 2012

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Why Rubber Yoga Mats are the Best Choice

For many years, a yoga mat used to be made only from PVC or polyvinyl chloride, but as yoga gained its fame, so did the other tools to make the practice more efficient. Materials had been changed to produce mats which are most fitting with various poses of yoga, and these days, a yoga mat is now obtainable in various materials, which include rubber yoga mats. They are common and safe to use and safe for the environment, too.

When we talk about safety, yoga mats that are made of rubber is a very good choice compared to the ones made from PVC that was once described by New York Times as a “toxic plastic”. It is true that a natural rubber has a strong smell if it’s new, but the odor does not pose any harm and will eventually disappear if you allow the mat’s air out prior to using it. This is not as sticky as the standard PVC, though – something that needs to be considered when practicing yoga.

There are rubber mats which are made from recycled rubber, whereas some are chemical free, eco friendly, and biodegradable, just like our natural rubber yoga mat. It is non-toxic and does not contain PVC or latex. Another good thing about this mat is that it provides additional strength, padding, and steadiness due to the flax mesh inlay. You can also check out the pure jute natural yoga mat, which is perfect for any kind of yoga poses. It is made from jute that is a breathable material, offering you the same stickiness and incredible performance of the standard yoga mats.

There are yoga mats that make use of a recycled rubber, but they are more expensive. If you do not wish to splurge a lot on a yoga mat, then you can consider the natural rubber mat instead. Our Dragonfly™ Natural Rubber Yoga Mat has low environmental effect and has 5mm thickness, providing you with additional padding for more comfort and support. It is extremely resilient to slipping that you do not have to worry whenever you carry out even the most dynamic yoga poses. For the greatest support and performance, this is worth every penny!

These mats do not have latex, a rubber tree product that can be very dangerous to people who are allergic to latex. If you are one of them, it is highly recommended to purchase a rubber yoga mat that contains no latex and is 100% safe for your skin; otherwise, you may suffer from reactions, like anaphylactic shock or skin rashes.