17th July 2012 - Yoga Balls for Strength and Stability

17th Jul 2012


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Yoga Balls for Strength and Stability

Yoga balls, also called stability balls, are generally utilized for core muscle building and stability training. Due to their versatility, they are being used in fitness classes, gyms, Pilates, and rehab centers, in addition to yoga sessions. Integrating these types of yoga props into your daily practices will result to a firmer abs, back, and buttocks.

The major benefit of using a yoga ball for your practice instead of working out on the floor is that your body works slighter harder to maintain its balance on the ball, causing your body to use other muscles that would otherwise remain underused. Because of this, these muscles become stronger over time as you learn to maintain your stability. Working out on a yoga ball, like the Anti-burst Fitness Balls w/ Massage Nubs, which is made of extra durable vinyl material with two colors to choose from – red and blue – will help in solid muscle and stronger core development.

In Choosing a Yoga Ball

Size and stability are the two things you should look for when buying a yoga ball. The ball’s size must fit your body frame and the type of yoga practices you usually do. For yogis who are 6 feet tall or more, a 75cm ball is often recommended, while those who are below 5 feet and 4 inches in height can opt for a 55cm one, like 55cm Anti Burst Yoga Ball (No Pump), which is made of extra thick anti-burst material and can hold up to 600 lbs.

The material that a yoga ball is made of extra durable, slip-resistant vinyl, and its surface is textured as well, so that you can keep your hold over it. Moreover, it is sturdy enough to withstand up to 600 pounds, although there are other models that can hold more than 600 pounds (for overweight people), as well as deflates gradually should it puncture – this guarantees your safety in case you are practicing an asana routine during that time.

In Using a Yoga Ball

Majority of beginners are often wary of utilizing a ball. As a matter fact, during the first early stages, it is normal to find it hard to put all the weight of your body and rely on it, but with time, you would be able to acquire confidence and learn how to make the most out of this yoga prop. What majority of practitioners would be happy to know is that once you stretch out on the yoga ball, like the 65cm Anti-Burst Yoga Balance Ball with Pump, which is made of a durable vinyl material and inflates easily and quickly, your legs and abs tighten, and this is what stops you from falling over. The force only amplifies as you carry out any workout practice over the yoga ball.

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