15th May 2012 - Zafu Meditation Cushion – Their Benefits

15th May 2012

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Zafu Meditation Cushion – Their Benefits

Meditation has been practiced for centuries in Eastern cultures as a way to find enlightenment and truth. Today, a lot of westerners are practicing this art form to relieve stress and tension, which they encounter in their everyday lives, but many of them find that the traditional sitting position (lotus posture) can be a bit too demanding on their legs and butt, so using cushions, like zafus are recommended to give the practitioner better comfort. A zafu is a special cushion that you can sit on while doing meditation; it helps you maintain the proper pose, as well as offers comfort for your butt during your practice.

Made from cotton material with natural fiber kapok padding, a zafu comes in various sizes, designs, shapes, and colors to suit your individual preference and taste. It comes with removable covering as well to make washing easy in case the exterior becomes dirty. A zafu is traditionally rounded, like the Round Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion, which is made from 100% all-natural cotton and comes in 4 different colors, but other shapes are now available, too, to provide levels of comfort and variation. Furthermore, it varies in thickness and size to adjust to the weight and body level of the practitioner for individualized comfort.

There are many benefits to utilizing a zafu, like the Round Printed Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion with printed yoga symbols as opposed to any other kind of cushion for your practice, as it is specially designed for meditation; the kapok padding offers a solid, yet soft, comfortable surface to sit on to do poses, and the natural fibers are not only hygienic, but are hypoallergenic as well, making them an ideal choice for practitioners who are allergic to synthetic fibers. Moreover, the diversity in size and thickness can complement your body’s weight and size, customizing the zafu to your precise specifications. Each zafu comes with its own casing (or you can buy it separately) that you can remove easily should it needs to be washed.

New zafu styles are available today, including crescent shape, like the Crescent Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion, which is available in 3 colors (black, green, and maroon) and is filled with 100% all-natural cotton, designed to provide more room for your butt. You can adjust the zafu’s thickness by removing or adding kapok to your preferred depth, offering additional filling for people who are on the heavier side, or less for slimmer people. If you want more height, support pads can be purchased to put underneath the zafu to elevate your body higher.

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