30th Mar 2012 - In Determining the Best Yoga Mats

30th Mar 2012

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In Determining the Best Yoga Mats

The kind of yoga that you are practicing is an essential factor when it comes to picking the ideal yoga mat for you. If you are a novice, the mats at the yoga studio are fine until you have decided which yoga style suits you. If you are the type who perspires too much or have decided to perform a rigorous yoga style, get a mat that is anti-bacterial and does not soak up odors. Vinyasa yoga calls for a mat that has better grip, whereas the usual mats are just right for the gentle type of yoga.

The best yoga mats for people who practice hatha yoga are the ones that are sticky, as they can assist you with styles and poses that are harder to do, providing you with traction to your mat. Sticky yoga mats, like the Lily Pond Yogi Mat, normally have cushions to ensure support and comfort.

Power yoga or ashtanga yoga consists of dynamic yoga poses, so purchase a mat that is hard-wearing and has adequate padding, just like the Horizon Yogi Mat, which protects your elbows, knees, spine, and ankles. If you’re serious with yoga, you may wish to invest in a really good mat that will last for a long time.

For senior citizens, a yoga mat with extra thickness is very ideal, as it will help them avoid possible injuries and protect their spine or joints. For the children, the standard yoga mat will do, like the Sandalwood Yogi Mat, and to make their practice more fun (and to encourage them as well), get something that is colorful and has a particular pattern on it.

Yoga mats range from $10 to more than $100. Your level of skill determines how much you plan to spend on a mat. For those who are just starting to learn, a yoga mat for less than $20 will do just fine, but for individuals who are more committed, something that is of higher quality is recommended. For advanced yoga practitioners, investing in a professional mat is a very good idea.

You should determine the factors that you think are essential to you, so you will know exactly what you need. A thicker mat is great if your joints are sensitive, and the eco-friendly mats are ideal if your concern is about saving the earth. Anti-bacterial mats are perfect if hot yoga is what you practice. Simply put, knowing what your body needs and the kind of yoga you perform are the initial steps to choosing the mat that completely supports you.