23rd August 2012 - The Must Have Pilates Equipment

23rd Aug 2012


The Must-Have Pilates Equipment

When performing a Pilates exercise, choosing the right Pilates Equipments is what you need to do first. Yes, performing the simple movements on a carpet is fine; however, you must consider the injuries you’re most likely to obtain if you are doing Pilates exercises without the much-needed gears or equipment. Therefore, having the right equipment is a must to ensure that you are doing the correct Pilates movements. Your purchase need not be expensive, because what is important is that they are to be used in the right manner.

Pilates mat is the first must-have equipment, especially if you intend to do the Pilates exercises on a regular basis. Check out our Blue Premium Pilates Mat that is highly durable and has extra cushioning for added comfort. It is extra thick, portable, and a high performance type of mat that is exclusively created for Pilates and yoga.

Another must-have equipment for Pilates is the Pilates reformer, and this is perfect for those who are dedicated to performing this kind of workout. Surprisingly, Pilates reformer is considered to be the most well-liked equipment. It is very handy and can make your core stronger through resistance.

Pilates magic circle should not be missed out when shopping for your equipment. Our Pilates Resistance Ring is ideal for target areas, like the outer and/or inner thighs. It has cushioned foam handles to for more comfort and provides firm resistance. If you wish to tone your body, this is what you need.

Pilates DVD is another important thing to have, particularly when you are performing Pilates workouts at home. This is extremely useful, as it can give you guidance when it comes to doing various Pilates movements. Pilates DVDs come in different types: one for the beginners and the other for the advanced individuals.

Fitness ball is another must-have equipment for Pilates, as it can offer you the balance that your main abdominal muscles need. Our Deluxe Pilates Kit has a fitness ball with pump, along with an aero mat, resistance ring, mat spray bottle all-natural cleanser, unfilled sandbag, and foam roller. This kit truly makes a wonderful gift and is also ideal for your own use.

Equipment for Pilates must be utilized at home only after getting the right training from an experienced Pilates instructor. Keep in mind that Pilates is not only about studying how the equipment is used, but also learning the proper way of breathing in line with the methods of Pilates.

Other pilates equipments include:

3/8'' Pilates Aero Yoga Mat

Pilates Balance Board

Pilates Toning Ring With Stabilizing Grips

Trainer Mat for Pilates

12'' Half Round EVA Foam Roller