Vastra Ayurvedic Yoga Mat---Organic, Chemical-free, Handmade from Cotton & Jute- Dyed with plants/herbs from Ayurveda , All- Natural, Health-Conscious ,Travel-Friendly

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Jeevastra mats are designed to improve your practice by enabling a healthy breathing experience. Instead of breathing in chemicals and PvCs that most rubber mats are treated with, when you’re on a Jeevastra you’re breathing in the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs that are infused into its organic cotton fabric. The herbs are hand-dyed using a 5000 year old process preserved over generations by a few families in Kerala (India) - the home of Ayurveda. The mats are then handwoven by them without the use of any chemicals at any stage. When you decide to go Jeevastra, you support this ancient technology and you make a commitment to yourself and the world.Yes, the mats are washable and retain their color and herbal properties after washes.(Make sure to follow wash instructions.) It’s designed for a strong floor grip and anti-slip for your hands and feet. • Turmeric being an antiseptic kills the germs from your sweat instantly keeping your mat clean. In Ayurveda, turmeric is said to be a purifying agent, thus a great herb to breathe in during Yoga. It’s said to purify your energy system. • Neem is great for the skin that comes in contact with it during Yoga. Tulsi, also known as holy basil, improves respiration and reduces stress, helping you get into a meditative state during Yoga. The bottom of the Jeevastra mat has natural rubber weaved into a unique pattern with tiny air pockets that ensures the mat grips the floor and doesn’t slip during practice. The horizontal threaded lines provide your hands and feet the required grip while doing Asanas. Being cotton, the Jeevastra mat absorbs sweat and stops you from slipping. The Jeevastra mat is lightweight. You can fold it and keep in your suitcase while travelling. A Jeevastra mat is 6 feet long, 2.5 feet wide, and weighs 1.2 kgs

  • Natural Herbal Handmade Yoga Mat

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