Yoga Stick-e Towel

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Product Overview

Product Features

  • Perfect for yoga and Pilates classes
  • Made of highly absorbent Microfiber
  • Reduces slipping during yoga practice
  • 26" W x 18" L

Product Highlights

The Stick-e ® Fitness Towel provides a slip-less, sweat-absorbing, clean barrier for all of your exercise needs! The towel is super soft and absorbent. The back of the towel has two non-slip, exclusive, smooth, stick-e ® panels to ensure the towel does not slip during exercises. There are no bumpy projections to feel through the fabric! It provides a nice protective barrier for face and hands from less than clean mats and exercise equipment. Great for weight benches and cardio equipment! No more stepping off of the spinning machine, eliptical, or treadmill to pick up a fallen towel!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review